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Ichikei no Karasu

Drama / Ichikei no Karasu /

Ichikei no Karasu (2021)

8.5 out of 10 (4 reviews)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2021
Air Dates Apr 5, 2021 – Jun 7, 2021
Episodes 10
Network(s) Fuji TV
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title イチケイのカラス
English Title Ichikei's Crow
Theme songs:


Iruma Michio is a devil-may-care, unorthodox criminal judge at the Tokyo District Court’s first criminal court. He used to be a lawyer and was deeply involved in a past case that was behind his transformation into a judge. Iruma personally inspects crime scenes to prevent a miscarriage of justice and bring the truth to light. Although his demeanour is far from the image of a stuff judge, he is feared by lawyers as well as prosecutors because he is not bound by obligations, prejudices and preconceptions and has an inquiring mind that probes cases thoroughly. On the other hand, the judge Sakama Chizuru is the complete opposite of Iruma. A graduate of Tokyo University’s Faculty of Law, she is an elite among elites. She has been transferred to the first criminal court to reform it due to the unbelievably small number of cases that are closed. This is the equivalent of a company in the red to the extent of going bankrupt. As someone who takes great pride in maintaining public order by handling cases accurately and promptly, Chizuru cannot understand Iruma’s style which frustrates her to no end. However, when she realises that Iruma believes in treating a case as an individual’s life, she is faced with the question, “What can a judge do aside from issuing a ruling?”



  • Mackenyu as Ishikura Bunta
  • Support Role
  • Clerk
  • Masu Takeshi as Jojima Reiji
  • Support Role
  • Chief Prosecutor
  • Hirose Alice
  • Guest Role
  • Defendant in Firearm and Sword Possession Control Law Violation Trial
  • Episode(s): 4



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4 Reviews for Ichikei no Karasu

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    July 24, 2023
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    April 11, 2023
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    June 20, 2023
    monski’s review – Ichikei no Karasu
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    July 27, 2023
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