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Gekikaradou S2

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Drama / Gekikaradou S2 /

Gekikaradou S2 (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2023
Air Dates Apr 7, 2023 – Jun 23, 2023
Episodes 12
Runtime 30
Timeslot Friday at 12:30 am
Network(s) TV Tokyo
Licensed No
Native Title ゲキカラドウ2
English Title The Way of the Hot & Spicy 2
Theme songs:
  • "しあわせの花" by WEST (main)


Sequel to the spicy gourmet drama Gekikaradou!

Sarukawa Kenta (Kiriyama Akito) works in the sales promotion department for the beverage company “Ronron” in their Tokyo branch office. In his spare time he enjoys eating spicy food. Onodera Miyu (Tsuchimura Kaho) gets transferred to the Tokyo branch office from their headquarters in Osaka. She is Sarukawa’s rival who joined the company around the same time he did. Meanwhile, Kamoshita Akira (Fukumoto Taisei), the company CEO’s son, is also assigned to the sales promotion department team…





Theme Song 1

  • WEST
  • "しあわせの花" (Main)

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