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Bentoya-san no Omotenashi Season 2

Drama / Bentoya-san no Omotenashi Season 2 /

Bentoya-san no Omotenashi Season 2 (2024)

7 out of 10 (1 reviews)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2024
Air Dates Jan 13, 2024 – Feb 3, 2024
Episodes 4
Runtime 25
Timeslot Saturday at 10:40 am
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 弁当屋さんのおもてなしシーズン2
English Title Hospitality of a Bento Shop Season 2
Theme songs:


It’s been 6 month since an office lady Chiharu transferred from Tokyo to Sapporo.
There she found her place in a small bento shop “Kumaben” she wandered one day.

In other hand, cook Yuu, is still determined to solve customer’s worries with the magic of his bento.
An old friend Shohei, who works in a fashion company, came by to see Yuu. He ordered a bento “Worth to be the last meal of life”. By those words he hides true intentions…
Sensing unusual, Chiharu and Yuu, become preoccupied with finding Shohei’s true motives.





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1 Reviews for Bentoya-san no Omotenashi Season 2

  • Chaska
    February 20, 2024
    lovetune’s review – Bentoya-san no Omotenashi Season 2
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