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Ah, Love Hotel ~Himitsu~ Season 2

Drama / Ah, Love Hotel ~Himitsu~ Season 2 /

Ah, Love Hotel ~Himitsu~ Season 2 (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2023
Air Dates May 19, 2023 – Jul 14, 2023
Episodes 9
Runtime 30
Timeslot Friday at 11:30 pm
Network(s) WOWOW
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title ああ、ラブホテル〜秘密〜 (シーズン2)
English Title Ah, Love Hotel ~Secret~ Season 2


An omnibus drama featuring laughter and tears that unfolds in the “ultimate closed room” – a love hotel.



  • Bando Ryota as Sawada Atsushi
  • Lead Role
  • Fox and Tanuki
  • Okayama Amane as Yokoyama Kirito
  • Lead Role
  • Two People of Destiny
  • Ono Karin as Nitta Himari
  • Lead Role
  • Two People of Destiny
  • Miura Takahiro as Iiyama Kenji
  • Lead Role
  • If you love me, it doesn't matter
  • Inowaki Kai as Takanashi Natsuo
  • Lead Role
  • 100,000 Yen
  • Miura Toko as Sharp-Tonged Woman
  • Lead Role
  • Koneko-Chan
  • Seto Koji as Osamu
  • Lead Role
  • Review, Cost of Living
  • Ono Rina as Miku
  • Lead Role
  • It's not what I thought
  • Maeda Oshiro as Yoshihisa
  • Lead Role
  • It's not what I thought
  • Kato Ryo as Okita Yoshio
  • Lead Role
  • Memory
  • Sato Ryo as Kirino Toko
  • Lead Role
  • Friendly Host
  • Kitamura Yui as Momoko [Young]
  • Support Role
  • Oh, Love Hotel



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