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Spotted Productions

Hyaku en no Koi

Thirty-two year old Ichiko (Ando Sakura) – without much prospects or drive – is holed up in her parent’s home, but things take a turn when her sister and nephew move in after a divorce.… Read More »Hyaku en no Koi


An obscurely located dormitory has a history going back a century. The dormitory’s social order is run for and by eccentrics, making it a precious place for students. However, the building’s rundown condition becomes a… Read More »Wonderwall

Hotobori Melt Sounds

Koto plunges into a ”something cool” marvelous life when she visits what was her grandmother’s home and finds an old man camped out in the garden. To make what he calls “Sound Graves,” he explains… Read More »Hotobori Melt Sounds

Kanojo Rairai

Norio and his girlfriend, Mari Tanabe, have been dating for three years. They lived a peaceful life until one summer day, where Norio comes home to experience a peculiar sensation. The moment he sees the… Read More »Kanojo Rairai