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Bandai Namco Arts


Synopsis to come! Yukio and Yuma’s ordinary days completely change when Yuma suddenly confesses “I’m going to die in a week.” Yukio’s heart was thrown into turmoil and he struggled to grasp his feelings. However,… Read More »Happiness

Yoake no Subete

Based on the novel by Seo Maiko, Yoake no Subete  depicts the neither platonic or romantic relationship between Fujisawa Misa, a woman unable to control PMS-induced irritation, and Yamazoe Takatoshi, a man struggling with a… Read More »Yoake no Subete

Cheer Danshi!!

Bando Haruki decides to quit his family’s sport of judo after a shoulder injury and start a new project with his childhood friend Kazuma. Together they form a cheerleading group called ‘Breakers.’