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Lemon-iro no Yume

Io is an art student who has a habit of keeping a dream diary. After losing her lemon-colored paint somewhere, she became close to Miyama-senpai, who invited her to work part time at a furniture… Read More »Lemon-iro no Yume

Top Gift

A fallen angel in form a mysterious man, named Tendo, tells Koyuki that he can only redeem his past mistake by helping her to find her father, who abandoned her as a child. As they… Read More »Top Gift

Owaraseru Mono

A vertical drama about a trio of police officers who are investigating a series of murders… The first production under the Jogekankei (World) content label begins with a bizarre serial murder case in which a… Read More »Owaraseru Mono


Mirai does nothing but plays games every day. Her brother supports and believes in his sister, and he is a researcher who develops future tools. Mirai exploits that and the whole family experiences a series… Read More »Mirai-san