Matsuyama Kenichi Lead in 2012 NHK Taiga Drama “Taira no Kiyomori”

The film “Norwegian Wood” will open 12/11 to the public and already the lead actor, Matsuyama Kenichi (25), has another project on his hands, NHK’s 2012 Taiga drama “Taira no Kiyomori.” You may remember Matsuyama Kenichi as the character L in the live-action Death Note movies.

This will be Matsuyama’s first time in a taiga drama. He first found out and took interest in the drama project in August when NHK announced the theme as, “The Godfather of Peace.” After that he definitely wanted to play the part, so he asked his manager to find out more.

However, after Matsuyama received the unexpected offer, he consulted with the respected Nakai Kiichi (49) who starred in the 1988 Taiga drama “Takeda Shigen.” Matsuyama was told, “There’s only 50 ranks in Taiga history.”

An enthusiastic Matsuyama commented, “I feel the pressure and it’s a challenge to portray one person for 1 whole year. I’m studying extra hard since Kiyomori existed such a long time ago.”

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