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Tutorial: Adding a Drama, Movie or Special

Steps to add a drama, movie or special to the site, if they are not already present in the site’s database.

Hover over Contribute and click “Add Drama”, “Add Movie” or Add Special” as desired.

Original Title: input the title it is most commonly known as.

Native Title: input the title in its language of origin.

English Title: enter the English title, if it has one.

Alternative titles: input any other titles it might otherwise be known by. Click “Add new” for multiple titles. 1 title per field.

Example below.

Tick the Country of Origin (Japan, South Korea, etc)

Total episodes: (Drama/Special only) Input the total number of episodes the drama or special has or is expected to have.

Movie only: Input the runtime of the movie in minutes.

Input the air date of the first episode and the air date of the last episode (if known). When tapping the calendar icon, a schedule should appear as pictured below. For a movie or special, just input the release date/first air date.

Release Year: (Movie only): Select the broadcasting year of the movie.

Film Studio: (Movie only): Select the production studio the movie is associated with.

Network: (Drama/Special only): Tick the network the drama/special is broadcasted on/associated with.

Genres: Select the genres from those listed. To multiselect hold down ctrl (windows) or cmd (mac) as you click them.

Select the broadcast season and the broadcast year.

Licensed: Tick whether  has been licensed or not. (Are the subs from an official streaming service ie. Netflix, VIU etc?) If yes is selected, add the official streaming link for the drama under Licensor.

Official website: Add the official website for the drama, movie or special.

Upload Featured Image: Upload a feature image. Generally this will be the  or similar.

Synopsis: Type/enter the synopsis for the series or movie. If copying from another site please link to the source in the box below.

Once you have entered all of the information,  hit the ‘Add Drama’, ‘Add Special’ or ‘Add Movie’ button at the bottom of the page. Your entry will be submitted to a queue for moderation and a submission confirmation will appear with a link to your Dashboard. Or you can check the status of your entries by hovering over the top nav at the top: Profile > Dashboard.

Once approved, your post will show as “publish” in the status.