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Drama Club Podcast: Season 1 Episode 3 – Buzzer Beat

What is Drama Club? It’s a monthly podcast where amrayu, catstreet and mango from chat about a Japanese drama, movie or special that they’ve seen. Each month will center around a theme. We will announce the dramas, movies, or specials that we’ll watch beforehand so you can watch along with us. 🙂

This episode of Drama Club was picked by @catstreet because of it’s summery theme and the high ratings. She wanted to know if it lives up to the hype!

Join amrayu, catstreet and mango as we ramble about Buzzer Beat in this third installment of Drama Club.

We all had mixed feelings about Buzzer Beat, but we all understand the charm of Buzzer Beat. Also many tangents in this podcast! Learn about the origins of Drama Otaku and what mango’s favorite drama is (psst–it’s not a Japanese drama! SO SHOCKING!).

Thanks again to our patrons and donors. <333 There's spoilers in this, so you've been warned. See you next episode where we're watching Suteki na Sen Taxi! Files coming soon. PS. If you'd like to follow amrayu's live-tweets while watching Buzzer Beat, you can find the links here:

This is a first for all the hosts involved, so if you have any topic suggestions, please feel free to comment below!

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Please note there’s spoilers in this podcast!
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Now for the Buzzer Beat podcast! It’s only an hour long 🙂 But sorry for the tangents.

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