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Ao Haru Ride

Ao Haru Ride is originally a manga series created by Sakisaka Io, which has since been developed into an anime series, a live-action movie and a live-action drama series. It’s a romantic love story between… Read More »Ao Haru Ride

Moe no Suzaku

In the mountainous Nishiyoshino region of Nara Prefecture, a small family made up of Kōzō, the father, his wife Yasuyo, grandmother Sachiko, toddler Michiru, and her male cousin, Eisuke, live peacefully together. A railway is being constructed… Read More »Moe no Suzaku

Kuba Ibuki

In the southernmost part of Japan, 20 fishing boats of an unknown nationality suddenly fire upon and occupy parts of the Hateruma archipelago. Members of the Japan Coast Guard are detained. Under the extremely tense… Read More »Kuba Ibuki

Ashita no Shokutaku

Three different mothers live in separate areas of Japan, each with a 10 a year old son named Yu Ishibashi. All are content happily raising their children until each of their lives begin to unfold,… Read More »Ashita no Shokutaku