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High Brow Cinema

Gekijoban: Patalliro!

Patalliro du Malyner VIII is the crown prince of Malynera, a kingdom that produces diamonds. Despite being ugly and mischievous, he is loyal and fair. Many enemies of the throne, including Malynera’s Prime Minister, plan… Read More »Gekijoban: Patalliro!

Shosetsu no Kamisama

Chitani Ichiya made his debut as a novelist when he was in middle school. His novels received severe criticisms and were not popular. Now, Ichiya is a high school student. His confidence as a writer… Read More »Shosetsu no Kamisama

10 Manbun no 1

Sakuragi Rino is a high school student. She is good friends with Kiritani Ren, who attends the same high school. Close since their middle school days, Rino has special feelings for Ren; however, she is… Read More »10 Manbun no 1

Hanalei Bay

Sachi is a single mother who is the owner of a piano bar. One day, she receives a call that her son, Takashi, has been killed by a shark attack in Halalei Bay, Hawaii. His… Read More »Hanalei Bay