Ossan’s Love Japan Drama

Posted On: 12/24/2018 Last Updated: 05/20/2019


Title (romanized): Ossan’s Love
Native Title: おっさんずラブ
Country: Japan
Genre: Business, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 7
Cast: Tanaka KeiOtsuka NeneYoshida KotaroKento Hayashi
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English subs by kangarooo.

1) A big thanks to the providers of the RAWs and the Japanese subtitles.
2) Translations into other languages are welcome.

2018.07.14: Episode 2 uploaded.
2018.07.24: Episode 3 uploaded.
2018.07.31: Episode 4 uploaded.
2018.08.09: Episode 5 uploaded.
2018.08.17: Episode 6 uploaded.
2018.08.24: Episode 7 uploaded.

Subtitles 7

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