Kari Kare Japan Drama

Posted On: 12/17/2018 Last Updated: 05/20/2019

Kari Kare

Title (romanized): Kari Kare
Native Title:
Country: Japan
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 8
Cast: Aibu SakiNakagoshi NorikoTsukamoto TakashiShirasu JinFuruhata Seika
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Big thanks to Avallac’h for the original subtitles. I can’t translate; I just did fine timing, styling, and QC.

Raws at Nyaa.


4/11/17: Added episode 1. Edit: Changed RAW link to Keiko1981’s batch. Thanks!!
4/15/17: Added episode 1, Version 2. Minor styling changes to match the later episodes. One minor translation change to match the translation in Episode 2. See notes in post below. Added episode 2.
4/22/17: Added episode 3.
4/29/17: Added episode 4.
5/6/17: Added episode 5.
5/13/17: Added episode 6.
5/28/17: Added episodes 7 and 8 in a batch that includes edited versions of the previous episodes.

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