Kahogo no Kahoko ~2018 Rabu & Dorimu~

Kahogo no Kahoko ~2018 Rabu & Dorimu~ Japan Special

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Native Title: 過保護のカホコ~2018 ラブ&ドリーム~
English Title: Overprotected Kahoko: 2018 Love & Dream
Alternate Title(s): Kahogo no Kahoko ~2018 Love & Dream~, Kahogo no Kahoko SP
Country: Japan
Season: Fall
Year: 2018
First Air Date: 09/19/2018
Last Air Date: 09/19/2018
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Episodes: 1
Network: NTV
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Licensed: No
Synopsis: Kahoko (Takahata Mitsuki) finds difficulty in managing her job as a nursery teacher and commitment as a homemaker. To make matters worse, her mother is creating strain in her marriage while Hajime (Takeuchi Ryoma) still seeks to accomplish his dream of becoming a famous painter—but this couple’s relationship isn’t the only one in trouble, as Kahoko’s parents announce they are getting divorced!


Takahata Mitsuki as Mugino Kahoko

Takeuchi Ryoma as Mugino Hajime

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