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DramaHeroine’s review – Yuru Camp△

Up front, I have to admit that I struggled with the pacing of this drama. I respect stories that move at a slower pace as I don’t think there is anything wrong with a story doing so, so I can acquiesce that the problem is probably me, but it was a challenge in the first half of the drama to keep going. I kept waiting for our female lead to actually go camping with the whole group, and it doesn’t happen till the very end of the drama. I found that disappointing.

But that being said, there is a lot about this drama that I loved. First and foremost, our really camping group of girls are incredibly fun. They’re quirky and silly and just really humorous in how they interact with each other. I like the female lead as she’s very thoughtful and quiet and clearly a little nervous about meeting new people, but my favorite scenes were of our little camping group as they planned their trips and drooled over expensive camping gear. Who would have thought a drama could make planning for camping look fun, lol?

The theme of the show is both relaxing and inspiring, and I’m honestly quite jealous of these girls getting go on all of these camping trips. I’m thinking I need to start planning some for myself. (Although I wouldn’t be able to camp in winter as I have a chronic illness that makes me severely sensitive to cold weather. I would have to wait until spring/summer, lol.)

Of course, the food all looks delicious as well as simple to make. I’m definitely inspired to try and recreate some of the dishes, even though I’ll probably have to get creative with some of the ingredients as I don’t live in or anywhere near Japan.

Overall, I thought this drama was really good, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something wholesome and lighthearted and relaxing. Especially for any teens (or parents of teens) looking for shows that aren’t glorifying things like teenage drinking or other reckless behavior but instead promote young people getting involved in fun and healthy activities. Let’s make more stories for teens like this one.