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Dinner0801’s review – Perfect Days

This movie is a miracle of our times ,a movie that the main actor made it from a normal movie to an eternal masterpiece. It’s yours,mine,your neighbor’s ,your friend ‘s life .. it’s the everyday lofe of an anonymous human being without many words , without events, maybe too boring,too normal , insignificant! But in thus Yakusho Koji excel and shows us that even oir boring insignificant life can have a little shine. It’s his God given talent that made this movie an extraordinary miracle. Another extraordinary moment is when Min Tanaka makes his role,silent ,gone ,far away ,distant ,a soul entrapped into a body that just breathes !! In all a masterpiece that you don’t have to ask, understand,solve a mistery,cry or laugh…is a normal life like ours but put into a vision by that miracle man of Yakusho Koji !!! The main character isn’t a hero, isn’t special, doesn’t save the world,doest end it, doesn’t have magic powers, doesn’t have powers at all,isn’t a bad or good man, hasn’t any talent, doesn’t change if he is in this world or not, maybe very few or almost no one would cry in his funeral or miss him,still in his normality, in his inexistence and existence he makes the difference.His simplicity,his loneliness,his gratitude for his anonymous mediocre life and days , though teaches us a lot …it tells us about us ,it speaks about our simple , mediocre to anonymous selves and how is ok not be superheroes because we too exist. You don’t have to have a past or tell about the past,you don’t have to have a life like in dramas or cinema,your choice to live and exist,your present as it steps into the future ,a normal simple one is enough!we keep going ahead dreaming but facing the reality that is boring and mediocre… and still count and somehow are important in our silent inexistence. This is think is the essence of the movie , it’s our simple Perfect Days ! A movie ,a song ,a simple dish cheap too,a simple work ,a little walk in the town