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Our Mission

To create an inclusive and welcoming online community for fans of Japanese entertainment.


Minimized simplicity

What is Drama-Otaku?

A platform and online community built from the ground up for Japanese Entertainment fans and fansubbers alike. 



  • Major mainstream sites focus on Korean entertainment and this has drowned out Japanese entertainment. 
  • “Owners/entrepreneurs” who have no vested interest in the Japanese entertainment domain or its fans.
  • Platforms hacked and built upon forums and wikis are outdated, hard to maintain, and aren’t user-friendly.
  • Restrictive online communities that are unwelcoming.

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Our Solution

  • Focus on Japanese dramas, movies, and specials.
  • We love Japanese entertainment! Some of us have been fans since high school–that means decades of passion for J-ent!
  • Built a platform from the ground up with requirements from fans and fansubbers.
  • Strive to create an online community that follows a simple rule: Treat others how you wanted to be treated.

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How it happened

Our Story

What happens when a site you called home is turned over to an unnamed proprietor, with no vested interest in the Japanese Entertainment domain? You get a group of fans and fansubbers who rally through a traumatic event (on Discord) and decide to rebuild a site from the ground up! This is how was born.