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Honki no Shirushi: Gekijouban

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Honki no Shirushi: Gekijouban (2020)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2020
Release Date Oct 9, 2020
Runtime 228
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 本気のしるし
English Title The Real Thing: Theatrical Version
Alternate Title(s) The Serious Red Flag: Theatrical Version, 本気のしるし《劇場版》


Ichiro Tsuji is a salary man in medium-sized stationery manufacturer company. He is doing ok, but he lives a boring life.

One night, Tsuji Ukiyo Hayama,  who is stuck with her car at a railroad crossing and hit another car. When questioned by the police, Ukiyo say that it was Tsuji who was driving. Ukiyo admitted the lie and the case was resolved, but…

After that, Tsuji, drawn to Ukiyo and get more and more involved with her irrational crazy world.





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