Liar Game Season 1

Liar Game Season 1 Japan Drama

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Native Title: ライアーゲーム
English Title: Liar Game
Country: Japan
First Air Date: 04/14/2007
Last Air Date: 06/23/2007
Episodes: 11
Network: Fuji TV
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Synopsis: Nao Kanzaki (Toda Erika), is a college student who is known for her honesty and naivete. One day, she receives a black postcard indicating that she has been selected to participate in the “Liar Game Tournament”. Along with the postcard is a box with 100 million yen (about $1,000,000). The goal of the first round of the game is to trick the other player out of their hundred million yen. At the end, the winner would get to keep the hundred million earned, and the loser owes the LGT (Liar Game Tournament office) 100 million yen, which “will be collected by any means and at all costs”. Initially, she was frightened by this disturbing game, but was soon relieved when she discovered that her opponent was her second year junior high school teacher, Mr. Fujisawa. Because of her honest personality, Nao was easily tricked into giving Mr. Fujisawa her 100 million yen. She was devastated and reached out to police for help. The police could not help her and suggested that she ask help from Shinichi Akiyama (Matsuda Shota), a genius swindler who was recently released from jail for single-handedly bankrupting one of the biggest scamming companies in Japan. After learning the story from Nao, Akiyama decided to help her to win this Liar Game. But will it be his cleverness or her honesty that go furthest?


Toda Erika as Kanzaki Nao


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